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AGG.Holding Limited is licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to operate securities transactions (category 1) and provides regulated services such as securities advice (category 4) and asset management (category 9). It is an asset management company rooted in Hong Kong, China, and is wholly owned and managed by Mr. Ng Ka Shun.


At present, in the world, both in politics and trade, as well as in capital markets, the stronger become more powerful and the weaker become more disadvantaged, This kind of situation can be evolved in different countries and in many ways through the same principle, the bonds become not It is absolutely safe, and the stock price of high valuation companies can continue to hit new highs.


This situation has allowed the world's wealth to continue to be polarized ,and the wealth of investors is equally polarized! Choosing a person who can see through the market changes, make appropriate analysis and preparation, formulate an all-around investment strategy with a healthy way, and maintain a certain risk of hedging market risks into the market around the clock. It is very important for such a fund manager to have long-term deployment. .



Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

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Asset Management

A financial service for securities and assets that starts in the interests of investors and achieves investment objectives. Investors can be institutions such as insurance companies, pension funds and companies or private investors.

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Property trading

Mastering the mega trends of the Hong Kong property market and analyzing the return on investment projects can provide our clients with reliable investment information. With the assistance of the AGG. team, you have complete control over your investment plan. AGG. professional investment knowledge and experience will assist you and analyze your property trading to select the right property for you.
AGG. has a wide range of partners, including property developers and professional estate agents. Such a large network of cooperation will surely provide you with the right services.


​Provide worldwide remittance service to all the use of travel, investment or others.


​Provide all-around insurance in several aspects.

Immigration intermediary

​AGG has a wide range of partners over the world that can provide an easy and comfortable immigration service to all of the customers.

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Financial services

Property mortgage

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